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The academic development and growth of each child is our priority. Students participate in weekly tests so as to revise the lessons being taught in the previous week, hence, we are able to fully monitor and assess the development of each child and this gives room for outstanding performers to be treated as VIPs by way of rewards and prestige accorded. Our first continuous assessment tests always hold in the fourth week of each term, and are structured to help students revise all that has been taught in the previous weeks leading to this while the eight week of the term which takes the students through the second continuous assessment tests in the subjective are designed to strengthen them for end of term examination. By way of rewarding diligence and excellence, awards and scholarships are being used to encourage and engineer the average students.



Our curriculum is designed in an all-round form. In addition to the other forms of learning, we also take our students through the cognitive form of learning by providing opportunity for students to become equipped with recognizable skills, thereby promoting self-reliance. Hands-on facilitators with multi-diverse expertise have been employed to train students on aspects such as Shoe Making, Graphics Arts, Photography/Photoshop, Garment Making/Fashion Designs, Barbing/Cosmetology/Styling, Confectioneries: Baking and Cake Making, Automobile as well as Electrical Installation, all these with rich yielding results.

Extra Curriculum Activities

  • Jets Club
  • Dance Club
  • Music & Instrument Club
  • French Club
  • Literally & Debate Club
  • Home Economics Club
  • Sporting Club